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Misconfigured Perl install path

December 17th, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

I got a strange problem on a server. CPAN was installing module outside of perl @INC, this is quite a nightmare.
I found what was wrong and it was quite easy to solve.
Run this command:

# perl -V:'install.*'

Look at installprivlib and installarchlib. If they don’t match @INC you can change them at the end of perl Config.pm (in tie %Config, ‘Config’, {..})

To find your Config.pm file type

# perl -MConfig -le 'print $INC{"Config.pm"};'

If you only use CPAN to install module I guess you can just change PREFIX in the CPAN Config.pm (but I haven’t tested this)

N.B.: If you can’t find installprivlib and installarchlib in tie %Config just add them.

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